Any member violating these terms of use may have their account terminated and in some cases immediately and without warning.

1. Dutch law applies to Hit2Hit.com (one rule you might not know but do now, is you can receive a fee for spamming, you can be sued for spamming. This is not a lame phrase, there are people who have had to pay a huge fee in the Netherlands for spamming. Recap: Dutch law applies to Hit2Hit.com)

2. Your site must be in English or French. TEST: Updated July 7th 2014 (added Romān) until further notice Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romān till also be accepted. Remember this is a TEST if the quality of traffic descends only English and French sites will be accepted again and sites in a different language even if already accepted previously will be suspended!

3. Many rotators are allowed but not all.
NOTE: Members who would like to promote get paid to read or get paid to click sites cannot use a rotator.
NOTE 2: ALL sites listed in a rotator must comply with the Terms Of Use.

4. Warez, X-rate, pornography of any kind, discrimination and hatred are strictly forbidden. A site should be family friendly.

5. Your page cannot be a framebreaker.

6. You are allowed to have one pop up one that can be easily clicked away. (Where there is no need for an extra click to close it) Sites with more pop ups will be suspended and if a member is adding sites with multiple pop ups even though the members sites get suspended each time and doesn't give up adding them anyway the member might be deleted from Hit2Hit.com.

7. At given times you have to answer questions while surfing, if you have too many questions answered wrong you will be deleted.

8. You are allowed to have one account per household, no more and no more than one member per IP address.

9. Cheating in any way, be it another program (trying to get credits for sites that are never been shown at Hit2Hit.com but seem to come from Hit2Hit.com) or cheating Hit2Hit.com self will result in your account to be deleted immediately.

10. Any site can be suspended by Hit2Hit.com. If Hit2Hit.com finds the content improper and/or find the content of the site not right.

11. You have to be at least 18 years old to sign up for Hit2Hit.com

12. Being a member, you agree to get updates from Hit2Hit.com. You also agree to receive emails that contain an advertising, a product or service, that may or may not be owned by Hit2Hit.com .(But always send by the admin of Hit2Hit.com).

13. Hit2Hit.com is not responsible for any damages, or any other problem through using Hit2Hit.com. You use this service at your own risk.

14. Hit2Hit.com may quit this service at any time.

15. Hit2Hit.com has the right to change the terms of service but will notify the members prior to changing.

16. If, as a free member, you don't use Hit2Hit.com for 60 days Hit2Hit.com will first send you a mail to tell you are inactive, if you then still not use Hit2Hit.com within the next 30 days at least once Hit2Hit.com may delete your account.

17. You cannot use an autoresponder. (What it means with this rule that when I send you an email and I would get an email back automatically (autoresponder) those I can't approve. Every time I would send an email to all the members I would receive thousands emails back if I would allow them. So if you have a site that is using an autoresponder (when a member signs up they get automatically an email) that is fine. Those you can use.

18. It is prohibited for members to make a text links like: Click here for bonus points or something similar, those text links may be removed from the system.

19. Currency mentioned on Hit2Hit.com is always US dollars, unless otherwise stated.

20. Investment surfs and HYIPs are NOT allowed, Autosurfs are not allowed, gambling sites and MLM without giving anything to the member are also not allowed. (MLM if you receive monthly free books/software etc is allowed, or with a one time payment software etc is also allowed).

21. PTP sites are not allowed.

22. Paying someone to surf for you is not allowed.

23. You can not bring in members using Paid To Sign Ups, if you do, they will be deleted!

24. It is not allowed to delete your account so you can get to sign up using another upline.

25. Cash gifting sites are prohibited.

26. Members must add site(s) that are within the terms of Hit2Hit. At least one site that does not break terms must be in rotation. Having none within terms means your account will be deleted.

27. After your membership is confirmed and to become a full member of Hit2Hit you need to make your account fully active.
To do this you need to surf 20 pages in one day during the first week of your membership. If you don't, your account - and everything in it - will be deleted.

28. If your site causes problems to other members (surfing) your site can be suspended.

29. No false advertisement, result may be deletion of your account!

30. Hit2Hit.com is a service provided to you "as is" and without guarantee. We stand behind our products and your satisfaction with them is important to us. However, because our products are digital and instantly delivered we generally offer no refunds. Refund requests are handled on a case by case basis and are issued at our sole discretion. Refund requests, if any, must be made within thirty (30) days of your original purchase. Generally, purchases that have not been spent or used are refunded upon request.

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